Cultural Trips in China


After completing any of the very useful SJTU business courses, groups and individuals

  • Should take the opportunity to learn something about the fascinating 5,000 year history and culture of China and visit some of the certified.

  • 48 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China.

  • Side trips can be arranged, lasting from 2 to 20 days as per the requirements of the tour group.
    Arrive in Shanghai, depart from Beijing airport.

  • It is recommended that study groups arrive in Shanghai, follow the lectures at the anno 1896 Jiao Tong University Campus and at its’ conclusion travel by night sleeper train to Xian, thence to Beijing and depart to the home country from Beijing Capital Airport. Thus saving time and money.

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First and foremost

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Map of Cultural sites in China:

China MBA Map of China


China MBA Touring