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Dr. Jean Marie CISHAHAYO

Dr. Jean Marie CISHAHAYO is a distinguish lecturer on “Enterprise Innovation and Competitiveness” and 6 “Cross-Cultural Communication” at Beijing University, Shanghai University, Hong Kong Business School, Panda Training Center for AMD Senior Managers and several chambers of commerce and the Business Association in China. He is also been invited as key speaker to several high level Investment conferences in China on SME Strategic Development for the World Bank, United Nations and the Chinese Government.
Dr Jean Marie CISHAHAYO is fluent in English, French, Chinese, Swahili (spoken in more than 30 African countries). He is a multi-cultural person familiar with western, African and Asian cultures. He was elected vice President of Fudan University Overseas Alumni and member of the Marco Polo Society for cultural, scientific and entrepreneurial spirits.



Dr. Pieter Bon (Netherland)

Dr. Bon is a Dong Hua distinguished visiting Professor from the Netherlands. He is currently the Dean of the famous Fontys University Business school as well as the Academy of Public Administration in the Netherlands.
He is also Chairman of many educational committees and organisations Drs Bon is currently involved in Educational projects in South-East Asia, East Europe, South America and Africa.
He has a masters degree in Education and has managed many courses in training Industrialists and Public Servants in the Netherlands and around the world.



Dr Raymond Kolter (USA)

Dr Raymond Kolter currently holds the post of Professor in Law at Dong Hua University, Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai Institute of foreign trade (Top 20 Professor) Dr. Raymond Kolter has been studying and teaching in China for almost five years, as both a graduate student of Chinese law and government, and a professor of Anglo-American common law, Chinese law and administrative regulations, International law and legal comparative studies. Dr. Kolterʼs education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science (China and East Asian Politics) from Midwestern State University, a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in law from Pepperdine University School of Law, post-graduate study in the field of Chinese Politics and International Relations at California State University Los Angeles, as well as post-doctoral study in both Chinese Studies and International Business at the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade School of International Studies. Dr. Kolter is also pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Chinese Politics and Diplomacy at Fudan University School of International Relations and Public Affairs with emphasis on Chinese Government and East Asian Political Economy. Dr. Kolter has been teaching law at Shanghai Donghua University for the past few years, teaching courses designed for individuals interested in the fields of Chinese business and law, with instruction on the following important subjects: Chinese Laws (Banking, Business, Commercial, Company, Contract, Currency, Financial, Insurance, Intellectual Property), Chinese Financial Markets, Chinese Securities & Stock Markets, International Financial Law, and Transnational Commercial Law.



Dr. Marilyn H. Murphy (USA)

Dr. Marilyn H. Murphyʼs background of teaching, consulting and training with many diverse groups, ages, and cultures has created in her teaching the kind of synergy that only solid theory and hands-on work ʻin the trenchesʼ can provide.
She has worked as a licensed psychologist in California for many years, along with teaching psychology courses in many of Californiaʼs most-respected universities. She is currently a Faculty online mentor in the psychology department of two American universities.
Her many years of experience have focused primarily on consulting and training professionals in the social sciences in both private and public organizations.
She has seen her role as helping administrators, social workers, teachers and parents become more confident and capable. Since 2005 Marilyn has been working in China as a psychological/educational consultant and corporate trainer. As an independent expert or as a member of project teams she has delivered training and consulting services to local corporations and educational organizations both individually, and through her own consulting firm, Growth Strategies, Inc.
Dr. Murphy holds both a doctorate and an MBA from UCLA, and an M.A., and B. Ed. in education from San Diego State University in California, USA.



Dr.Stanley Richardson (United Kingdom)

Stanley Richardson, PhD. (Birm), MIEM, CEng, CPsychol, served in Singapore and Malaysia in 1949 and 1950 as a regular officer in the British Army.
His past appointments include:
Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore;
Foundation Dean of Management, Multimedia University, Malaysia.
Dr Richardson is always in high demand as a consultant. He has carried out consultancy and management projects for:
World Bank;
Caltex Indonesia;
Hewlwtt Packard and many more.



Dr Brian J. Schwarz (USA)

Brian J. Schwarz. has been associated with the Dong Hua University Adult Education program for many years. His professional credentials span the globe: California Coast University, Santa Ana. Napier University, Scotland; University of Minnesota, USA; Kansai University, Japan. Dr Schwarz is a prolific writes and has had many articles published for the American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Business review, Asia Times online, Eurobiz journal and many more. Brian can boast of many years of business teaching in China as well as corporate training, specializing in Human Resources and personnel selection.
With a strong academic background in Human Resources and many years of teaching experience in China and Japan, Brian J. Schwarz joins the team at Shanghai Donghua University. As a native of Minnesota (USA), Brian has taught a variety of business management courses in Beijing, Nanjing, and Shanghai since he moved to China in June 2000. As a graduate of Napier Universityʼs MBA program in Beijing in 2002, Brianʼs dissertation topic was recruiting and selecting strategies at multinational companies in China. While he taught at the Nanjing University of Finance Economics in 2003, Brian also authored a textbook entitled HRM.



Laurent Dagenais (Canada)

Educated at the George Washington University, Washington DC, and Concordia University, Montreal, (Double Master Degrees) Laurent enriches the MBA-C course with a wealth of experience in Human resource management, with corporate, Government and military management experience spanning many years.
Dagenais has had plenty of “hands-on” experience in the corporate field as well, including Price Waterhouse Cooper, Northrop Grumman, General Electric . Laurent knows China inside-and-out and he is in an excellent position to advise those intending to do business in or with China on how to engender success in the Middle Kingdom.



Jean-Charles Dwelshauvers (Belgium)

Jean Charles is highly qualified in Business Finance and Investment and obtained his Masters in Rotterdam (Erasmus University and at the Maastricht University (Netherlands) . He is a specialist in Venture Capital Investments and actually predicted the world financial meltdown of 2008. He lectures Business finance for Dong Hua University MBA-C.



Gabor Holch (Hungary)

Gabor Holch brings you expertise in cross-cultural team and leadership development in a global context, gained while serving 100+ clients in 20+ countries.

China-based for 15 years, working globally and an expat since age 4, Gabor is an expert in bridging markets, businesses, cultures and people. He believes in positive, personal and practical messages. He accompanies you from transformative insights to reliable skills, and helps you develop lasting new habits for further growth. Gabor is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) in English and Mandarin, certified consultant at the management academies of half a dozen global corporations and licensed in major assessment tools including the Predictive Index, NeuroColor, DISC and MBTI.

He is the founder of Campanile Management Consulting, Associate Partner of the Munich Leadership Group and Associate in management consulting firms in the US and EU. He co-founded startups in the EU, China and the Philippines. He has held positions including Board Member of Certified Manage11. Tourist fee: CNY5250 should be paid after the tour finishedment Consultants Global Institute and Chair of the EU Chamber of Commerce Shanghai SME Forum.

Gabor regularly speaks at corporate events, and has lectured at Executive MBA, business and academic exchange programmes in the EU, China and South-East Asia. He is the author of two books and co-author in two anthologies on international relations and doing business in a global context. He has published around a hundred articles in research papers and magazines on global business, leadership, talent management, entrepreneurship and expat living.



Victor De Lange (Netherlands)

Victor has been lecturing the course of Project Management for several semesters at Dong Hua University with distinction and the courses have been well received by the students. Victor is an International Business and Management Studies graduate of Texas State University and HZ University in the Netherlands. Victor’s business experience includes: PricewaterhouseCoopers in their business advisory and assurance department where Victor had a client portfolio in the banking, hospitality and retail sectors. At Philips Lighting , Victor has been involved in the exectution of a market research in the Asia Pacific hospitality sector. He is currently working for Philips GBU LED lamps in the position of integral project management leader. Victor has both experience of managing inter-continental marketing focussed and product development projects. This wide range of experiences added with actual project management facts will be used to underbuild the theory of the entire project management lifecycle.



Richard Ling (China)

Richard packs many years in top management positions, among which: General manager for US Headquartered Multi-national Companies in China, Consulting for US based companies, teaching assignments for Thunderbird School of Global Management,, the world #1 school for International Business. Richard was educated first in China at the East China Normal University in Shanghai, then at the Thunderbird school of Global management, Glendale Arizona, USA.



William Mohabati (Finland)

William is a PMI-certified Business Development Manager with experience from toptier advertising and internet agencies, renowned large organizations, and web start-ups in diverse international settings from Sweden, Israel, Spain and China. William’s core competencies are:Project Management, Business Development, IT Transformation & Strategy, International Business, Client Relations, Cross-Cultural Communication.
Over 10 years of professional experience in Consulting, Management, Development and Training, combined with degrees in Multimedia Engineering (BSc), Business Administration (MBA), and a set of other internationally recognized certifications (PMI, Oracle, Microsoft), combine to qualify William as Business Development Manager, lecturing at Shanghai Dong Hua University.



Jacobus Root (New Zealand)

Prof. Root has amassed an enviable track record overseas as well as in China. His first stay in China was in 1982. A true ‘Zhong Guo Tong’ (close friend of China), he has held lecturing posts for many years at several famous Chinese universities, among which: Shanghai Dong Hua University (est. 1896), in charge of the TEFL Teachers training program, China MBA and other courses. Additionally, he has lectured English Major students at SISU, Shanghai International Studies University in the Shanghai suburb of Songjiang.
Prof. Root is an engaging speaker and he has been course leader at many seminars and training events,
Chamber of Commerce seminars and hosting a plethora of teaching events including Television appearances.
Prof. Jacobus is also is in charge of the organization, design and marketing educational products for the International Continuing Education division of SJTU.
He has an enviable overseas teaching track record indeed: In New Zealand he pioneered language classes for immigrants and their children; earned his spores in the educational circuit in Singapore too.
He is vice president of United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural organisation (UNESCO HK).
He is a prolific writer and a frequent contributor to Chinese Newspapers and periodicals.
Prof. Root has a helpful disposition and a keen sense of humour. He has studied at Wellington, New Zealand Victoria University as well as Shanghai Dong Hua University. An other schools of higher learning. He is a Certified China Foreign Expert. He was accorded a special Award and Diploma by the Shanghai Education department for the successful management of no less than four “English Culture weeks” in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2010. He was a candidate for the 2007 Shanghai distinguished foreigner accolade: The Magnolia award.



Bryan Loder (Britain)

Visiting Professor Bryan Loder hails from the Herriot Watt University, in Edinburg, Great Britain. He has been the Shanghai Dong Hua University Project Management lecturer for the past two years and Bryan continues to lecture also at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,Bryan has gained a lot of Project Management experience in the United Kingdom as a valuer and chartered surveyor for the British Government valuation office involving the Health service, the Ministry of Agriculture band the UK Parliament.
Bryan is very much a “Hands-on lecturer who manages to inculcate Dong Hua University Project Management students with many practical hints and time saving procedures in order that the project can be finished within budget” and on time.



Gary L Sands (Australian)

Garyʼs forte is in Project Finance and private equity transactions, focusing on emerging market economies. George Washington University is his Alma Mater.
Gary has occupied high positions in the Financial world such as:
Vice President of Shell Capital, London, ABB Structured Finance, Zurich Switzerland, Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Washington DC etc.



Prof. Jason Inch

Jason1 R

Jason Inch the top Lecturer in Shanghai Dong Hua University holds an MBA from Canada’s Richard Ivey School of Business (University of Western Ontario) and also attended one of China’s top business schools, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai. He also holds a BA in Asian Studies from the University of Victoria (Canada), one of the top programs in Canada for China studies. He speaks fluent Japanese and Mandarin as a result of his educational and work background.
Jason book R
In 2008, Jason co-authored Supertrends of Future China, a macroeconomic trend and business book published in more than 20 countries by World Scientific Publishing.
In 2012, Jason published China’s Economic Supertrends, the first in the three-volume China Supertrends series based on the 2008 book he co-authored. China’s Economic Supertrends concerns the macroeconomic trends of China until 2018 and is written for executives, investors and professionals considering their China strategies.
For more information, please visit the China Supertrends website.
Jason Book2 R
In 2013, he established LOHAUS, a Shanghai-based social enterprise; also a coworking and event space. Meaning a Loft (and a Lifestyle) of Health and Urban Sustainability, the members, staff and investors are all aiming for a greater social impact in their work and personal lives. At LOHAUS, Jason hosts events which promote awareness and action on environment and sustainable urban living. He has also written the ideas and concepts behind LOHAUS into a new book, also titled LOHAUS, available now online and direct from publishers in North America and China. For more information:
In 2014, for his work in sustainability at LOHAUS, Jason was the recipient of the Shanghai International Excellence Award from the Shanghai Daily / International Channel Shanghai, and also the Emerging Leaders Award for Community Advancement from his MBA alma mater, the Richard Ivey School of Business.
In 2015, Jason was a speaker at the TEDxSuzhou on the topic of the Future of Globalization for an audience of more than 400 people. He was also a judge in the 2015 Startup Weekend Shanghai entrepreneurship competition.
Jason speaks frequently at industry, educational, and public forums on China’s role in the global economy, its environment, and its business opportunities, including sustainability and innovation. He has spoken to more than 30 EMBA and MBA programs globally on their China study tours.
If you would like to have Jason participate in your event or write for your publication, he can be contacted at or at LinkedIn at



Dr. Lorenzo Riccardi

Lorenzo is an Italian Certified Public Accountant, Auditor, Master Degree in Economics at UIBE Beijing, he is Associate Professor at Xian Dong Hua Liverpool University. His area of expertise is international taxation, M&A and Group taxation. He is author of several tax publications and he holds regularly seminars on Far East Region.
Prof. Riccardi has 10 years expertise in international tax consulting with specific focus on East Asia and emerging markets, providing clients with due diligence, tax and advisory services.
As associate Professor at Xian Dong Hua Liverpool University, he has taught taxation at Peking University, Shanghai Dong Hua, Tongji University and Hult Business School.
He is a tax Advisor and Certified Public Accountant specialized in international taxation at IBFD Kuala Lumpur, has obtained a master’s degree in economics from the University of Beijing UIBE.
He is based in Shanghai, where he focuses on business and tax law, assisting foreign investments in China and East Asia. He is an auditor and an advisor for several corporate groups and he is partner and Head of Tax of the consulting firm RSA, specializing in Asia and emerging countries.
Lorenzo Riccardi has published extensively on business and tax law and foreign investments in Asia, being a columnist of Corriere Asia, Fiscalita’ Estera, Fisco e Tasse, Economy, IlSole24Ore, China Law and Practice
Member CNDCEC, Association of CPAs, Milan, Italy
Member National Association of Auditors, Italy
Member Hong Kong Institute of CPAs (International Affiliate)
Member Vietnam Association of Accountants
Board Director China-Italy Chamber of Commerce – Nanjing Delegate
Board Director Italy Vietnam Chamber of Commerce
Chair SPWG China-Italy Chamber of Commerce


The book can be purchased on any online books shop:

or contacting RsA Asia: /

This book introduces the concept and development of Free Trade Zones that China has launched to re-boost its economy and attract foreign investors. The Pilot Free Trade Zone was established in September 2013 in Shanghai by the The Chinese State Council with the specific purpose to transform China into an open economy and to seek new challenges for growth opportunities.

The chapters analyse the evolution of different kind of special zones, bonded ports and logistic zones in China during the years. The country has in fact developed a number of special and free-trade zones but the new Pilot Shanghai FTZ include sall previous privileges, promoting the area as per fect hub for the Asia-Pacific region.

The guide examines in depth the economic, strategic and political effects of Chinese economic and financial reforms. The results of the analysis are further clarified by comparing Shanghai with other asian hub-cities: Singapore and Hong Kong.
This publication focuses also on other changes that the central Chinese government of Beijing is planning to implement in the whole country and represents a valuable business guide for appraising new opportunities in the most promising sectors for business enterprises in China.


Lorenzo Riccardi teaches Chinese Taxation at Xian Dong Hua-Liverpool University, he has also taught Asian taxation at Pecking University, Tongji University, Shanghai Dong Hua and Hult Business School. He is a certificate public accountant, specialised in international taxation and is the author of articles and essays on issues of various kinds related to foreign investment in East Asia. He lives and works in Shanghai, where he is the managing partner of RsA Asia, a consulting firm focusing on foreign investment in China and South East Asia.
He is an auditor and board member of several companies. He is Director of China-Italy Chamber of Commerce.

He also published: Gli investimenti in Asia Orientale (Maggioli 2014), China Tax Law and International Treaties (Springer 2013), Vietnam Tax Guide (Springer 2012), Guida alla fiscalità di Cina, India e Vietnam (Il Sole24 Ore 2011)



Daniel Kenneth David Smith (Australian)

A Highly educated and experienced innovator and trainer with great interpersonal and speaking skills. Daniel ʼs training in Psychology , business law and Business management provide a supreme and well structured teaching platform that students from near and far have come to appreciate. Among the many top-level organizations Daniel has been advising have been: Deutsche Bank of Germany, Hexion and others. He is a trainer for the Institute for Leadership and Potential development, Conchius (Shanghai) Ltd, Campanile Business consulting, REV training as well as assignments for AMCham, the American Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong Airport Services, Australian Government, Globe Forum, Goldman Sachs and many more.



Simon Stokes (Ireland)

Professor Simon Stokes has been lecturing at Dong Hua University for many years. He is also the Executive Director of China Acumen, a Shanghai-based financial services consultancy, advising the financial services industry in Asia. Prior to arriving in Asia in 2001, Prof. Stokes spent over 20 years in the Australian financial services industry in the roles of: entrepreneur, consultant and manager. Simon holds both an MA and BBS in business from Trinity College, University of Dublin. During 2008, Simon was Vice-Chairperson of the Shanghai Irish Business Forum and a member of the Corporate Governance focus group of the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Other significant training and consultation was provided for: Morgan Stanley (China), The Irish Government – Enterprise Ireland (China), The Australian Government – Austrade (China), Shanghai Dong Hua University MBA Program, BP Global (China), ING Bank Asset Management (Hong Kong, Taiwan), Prudential Assurance (Singapore), Royal Skandia (Hong Kong), ANZ Private Bank (Australia), Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Australia), Citibank (Australia), Bank of New Zealand (New Zealand), Westpac Banking Corporation (Australia), Bankers Trust (Australia) etc.



Prof. Bill Belew (USA)

Bill Belew, Shanghai Dong Hua University guest professor, is PhD professor of Social Media Marketing, Thought leading social medianstrategist in Silicon Valley, CA. His sites have garnered more than 95 million unique visitors total in a wide variety of niches. Bill regularly teaches international audiences and his local network of 16,000 members how to get more legitimate visitors and sales for their products. Belew is a/an: Influence-Content Marketing Trainer at Social Media Expert, His students include, BMW, Ford, Danone, Nestle’,

Carnival, Yara and Professional Speaker in USA, Singapore, Thailand, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai.



James Tremont (USA)

James is a graduate of the University of Arizona (Business Economics, Finance, Economics & Communication) as well as from the College of Engineering, (Aerospace). He is thus well placed to approach a business from the Business administration as well as the Engineering side.

James has advised many Companies and Government on IT solutions, network development and attendant management systems. James specializes in People knowledge and he has a huge interest in DISC profiling because he believes in the strengths of each personʼs personality as well as the synergistic advantages of teamwork built on the profiling model. DISC enables teamwork by helping each member of a team to recognize, use and value the unique skills and needs of each contributor. DISC also eliminates or minimizes most functional deficiencies in an organization by matching the proper behavioral characteristics of a role or position with an individualʼs needs and desired outcomes.



Daniel Smith

Daniel is the senior foreign NLP Trainer based in China and the leading Trainer of New Code NLP in Asia. Certified as a Trainer of NLP by both Co-Founders of NLP, and as a Trainer of New Code NLP, he is an experienced agent of change, focusing mostly on high risk or issues where rapid and lasting change is critical. Daniel has trained with the major figures in the NLP world today including Dr John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts and Anthony Robbins across the world.



Luc Valette (France)

Luc packs 16 years of IT Management and development to Global Fortune 500 Companies based in Europe, China, and Japan. Master degrees from the Ecole Nationale Superieure dʼInformation et de Mathematiques Appliquees de Grenoble (Switzerland), Luc specializes in IT Strategies and Implementations, ITIL and ISO 2000, Supply chain management Systems, Innovation management , Internet systems and security.



MS Trina Lion(USA)

Trina Lion has been lecturing Traditional Chinese Medicine for several years at Shanghai Dong Hua University. Prof.Lion has that rare gift of being able to enthuse her students at all times, no matter whether rain or shine! Trina Lion graduated from the Yale school of nursing; she is a licenced acupuncturalist and is currently practicing in Shanghai. Many students who hesitantly started the Shanghai Dong Hua University TCM course, couldn’t wait to continue with the advanced TCM course.



Edward Falzon

Edward started an IT consulting company at 22 years old. At odds with the industry norm of recommending massive system upgrades and brand-migrations, his consulting focus was in maximising existing technology and infrastructure to achieve corporate needs without requiring huge projects or expenditure. In 1999, he developed network-management software that fulfilled a niche market need, quickly finding customers in nine countries across government, education, non-profit and corporate sectors. Edward is the author of a controversial religious book and, as a newcomer to the publishing world, is researching innovative ways to raise awareness of his work.

Business Innovation
In any market, it’s not enough to have a popular or well-priced product. Popularity always drops and prices always rise. To maintain any kind of competitive advantage, companies must constantly develop innovative products, services, manufacturing processes and advertising. This module covers the nature of innovation, motives behind it, reasons good innovations fail and ways to “innovate without innovating.”



Richard Prendergast

With solid credential from The University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) and the University of Chicago, and Professional experience at Mc Kinsey & Company, La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia and Tsinghua University, Beijing, PR China, Price Waterhouse Los Angeles, Coopers & Lybrand and others, Richard brings with him a life time of business management and administration experience that Dong Hua MBQA-C students will really benefit from.
Richard is a Former regional leader for Big Four information technology risk management practice. Life-long interest in learning and teaching, with extensive experience in developing and delivering successful training classes in business, including auditing, accounting, and risk management. Over five years business and teaching experience in China with a NASDAQ-listed telecommunications manufacturer and students including graduate students (accounting and IELTS preparation for University of Adelaide students) at Tsinghua University in Beijing.



Alp Altun

Alp Altun has 17 years of experience working in China, out of which 10 years direct management experience in manufacturing. He is an experienced leader in product management, brand building and marketing management in multiple sectors and grew start-ups to mid-size organizations up to 400 employees. He consults western businesses with international brands for their China business with his operations support centre in Shanghai where he offers outsourced marketing management and operations solutions including legal support. He also advises enterprises and government agencies in cross border infrastructure and investment projects between China, Germany and Turkey.He has a proven track record in advising top-level strategy, planning and executing sales operations successfully with a holistic approach.
Alp lectures Strategy and Operations Management at Dong Hua University ICEC as well as through various platforms such as the European Chamber of Commerce (EUCCC). He is a frequent panelist, speaker or moderator on various topics on China and Management in China. Mr. Altun grew up in Hamburg, Germany. He is married to his Japanese wife and has two daughters aged 12 and 9.He holds a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Applied Sciences Wilhelmshaven (changed into Jade Hochschule), in Germany with majors in Organization, HR Management and Marketing.



Colin Bogar

Prof. Bogar is the Managing Director of MGI Pacific based in Shanghai. MGI Pacific is a real estate private equity firm with a focus on raising debt and equity capital for opportunistic development projects in Canada, The United States, Greater China, and other select geographies. Also he is the member of Richard Ivey School of Business IAA Board of Directors, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Vice Chair – Board of Director, Lectuer professor of Shanghai Dong Hua University Lecturer.


Dr. John Wilkerson

Dr. John Wilkerson is currently Vice President, Digital Innovation for Bellwether Research Institute, an American global business advisory and research firm focused on growing Chinese Manufacturing companies, improving cash flow and improving air quality in select Chinese Cities.  



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