The China Experience(5 days on Campus Shanghai)


DHU China Methodology program (5 DAYS PER TOPIC)

5 days on Campus Shanghai Certificate course tailor made for:

Every University department, Faculty, National & Local & National Government staff, Corporations,

Bank managers and staff and business persons,

Learn how China made the impossible possible in a mere 35 years Learn the methodology China has applied to achieve:
The worlds’ longest and most efficient High Speed rail system spanning 29,000 km reaching 38,000km by 2025, 1400 skyscrapers above 150m in height, 266 airports, 42 cities with a Metro or subway system. 55 km long is the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge. Consisting of a series of three cable-stayed bridges, an undersea tunnel, and four artificial islands, it is both the longest sea crossing and the longest fixed link on earth.



China wants the whole world to benefit from their developmental experience which has proven to work well in China and, should work well in most countries of the world.



To this effect DHU has set up a range of 5 day on Campus Shanghai courses, lectured, usually, by foreign professors and lecturers with a rich China experience, on several specialized topics as listed below.

You and your group are invited to attend any or all of the DHU specialized 5 day certificate courses on Campus Shanghai listed below or ask us to tailor make a program from any or all of the sub-headings.

Whole or half day visits to Chinese or foreign companies, government bodies, Universities, banks, the stock exchange etc. can be usually be arranged upon application.

China was a desperately poor country with a GDP in 1985 of US$309 billion and a PPP of US$618. The GDP increased in 2018 to US$13,605 billion with a PPP of US$18,455 and rising rapidly. China is slated to have the biggest economy in the world by the 2020’s.

In 1985, there was no infrastructure to speak of. Private telephones were near impossible to obtain. Personal possessions amounted at best to one bicycle per family and, possibly, a “Hero” brand fountainpen. Private houses belonged to the trade Union and food was rationed.

More than one billion people lived in abject poverty.

Now no more: In the past 35 years, the Chinese Democratic system has hoisted 800 million people out of poverty and by 2020, poverty will be totally eradicated.

China has developed an infrastructure that is second to none. It has one of the best education systems in the world; it is an inherently safe country where one can venture into a park at midnight without fear of being molested. China can boast of an incredibly low crime rate. There is freedom of religion and because of a pragmatic surveyance and re-education policy, nearly zero terrorism.

China is now in the forefront of trailblazing scientific development in space technology, quantum computer technology, artificial intelligence, 5G mobile technology and more.

Besides, the highways, the sub-ways, the airports, the highspeed trains are constantly being maintained and upgraded and, generally, everything works. Pollution has been reduced dramatically. There are no homeless people sleeping in the streets, few gun deaths, and relatively few drug addictions.


5 or 10 Day courses can be designed to include:



The “Open Book” online examination is to be taken at the conclusion of each module.



Dong Hua University China Business certificate


Study time

Monday arrival in Shanghai.
Tuesday & Wednesday: lectures from 09:00-16.00
Thursday: Visit to a Chinese Business, Factory or Organization

Friday & Saturday: lectures from 09:00-16.00

10 day Course period
Double of the 5 day time table.
16 Modules
One more business visit or sightseeing


Sightseeing throughout China (Optional)

Suggestions: Overnight by sleeper train to Xian, visit the anno 210 BCE (2229 years old) Terra Cotta Soldiers, horses & army vehicles.

Next night by sleeper train to Beijing and visit the 21,196 km (13,171 mi) long Great wall of China, the anno 1406, 72 hectares (over 180 acres).hectare Royal palaces(forbidden city, the 4.5 ha / 109 acres Tiananmen square and/or the famous circular temple of Heaven with it’s famous whispering wall.

– Terracotta Army

– Great Wall of China

– Forbidden City

– Temple of Heaven


Commencement dates

Fixed date courses every month. Groups of 20 or more can come any time.


Tuition fee

Tuition fee: CNY 8,888 Enrollment fee: CNY 300
Groups of 20 or more can negotiate for a discount based on group size.
Free entry for one organizer or educator per group of 20
Additional: Return flight (if booked early approx. Euro 450 / US $500 ) 5 nights Hotel, double occupancy from about CNY 200 per person Food for 5 days approx. CNY 250


Currency exchange rates (approx. per unit)

1 Euro: 7.7 CNY 1US$ 6.7 CNY 1Can.$ 5.1 CNY 1Aus $ 4.8 1NZ$ 4.6 CNY

1MYR 1.6 CNY 1Sing$ 5 CNY 1CNY is 2,000 Ind ringgit


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