China MBA 非学历China MBA 网络课程招生简章

Be a certified China Business expert in 96 hours online


Course Introduction

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is one of China’s oldest universities, with a reputation of more than 120 years of quality education.


SJTU are in the top 4 League out of more than 2000 Universities and Colleges in China and are leaders in Chinese business education


The SJTU China MBA course was designed in 2008, specifically for non-Chinese business persons, politicians and NGO’s from all over the world to provide candidates with a thorough understanding of how to conduct business with and in China successfully and profitable.


The curriculum includes practical action plans, growth pattern and efficiency models for non-profit and NGO type enterprises and are thoroughly dealt with. How to challenge international and local Chinese competition and State-Owned Enterprises.


Commencement dates: 23th February 2019

Course finished date: 31st Mar.2019


Course Outline

(Comprehensive and abridged modules, subject to Professors’ availability)

1 Cross cultural communications: foreigners vs Chinese

2 Complex business negotiations in China

3 Leadership & corporate responsibility in China

4 Human resources management in China

5 Intellectual property rights & patent protection in China

6 Managerial finance in China

7 Business law in China

8 Project management in China

9 Marketing & social media marketing in China

10 Entrepreneurship in China

11 Supply chain management in China

12 Mergers acquisition & business to emerging markets in China

13 Taxation, business incentives & subsidies in China

14 Small & medium sized enterprise management in China

15 Global strategic management from a Chinese perspective

16 China’s role & future in the global financial Economy


Examinations and tests

The “Open Book” online examination is to be taken at the conclusion of each module.

Min requirement, a college degree in any major or, if no college degree: Min 2 years business experience.

Entry requirement for all other courses and seminars: Good understanding of the English language.







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