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China MBA Program (China business)


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  • 16 Saturdays on campus

  • 2 weeks summer or winter course on campus

  • 32 hours online


Commencement dates 2018 / 2019

16 Saturdays China MBA: Saturday 8 Sep. 2018 (09:30-16:30)

    • Saturday 8 September
    • Saturday 13 October
    • Saturday 10 November
    • Saturday 8 December
    • Saturday 5 January 2019

2 weeks Summer/Winter MBA Camp 2018/2019:

  • Monday 2 July 2018
  • Monday 6 August 2018
  • Monday 8 January 2019
  • Monday 22 January 2019



  • There are very few certified China Business experts around.The whole world seems to do business in or with China. Directly or indirectly and certified China Business Experts are in high demand.Those with a Shanghai Jiao Tong University China MBA certificate on their CV often get priority for important employment appointments or intercompany promotions.
  • A highly desirable “stand alone course” for everyone who has or will have dealings, directly or indirectly, with or in China and needs to know what to expect and how to effectively deal with prevailing Chinese issues and situations. Which are often very different.
  • A desirable supplementary course for those who already have an MBA degree but who need the specialist China Business component. Also for those who need to demonstrate their specialized China and certified business knowledge for inter-company promotions or new employment opportunities.
  • The Shanghai Jiao Tong University China MBA course was designed in 2008 is regularly updated. Thousands of students have benefitted from SJTU courses.
  • The “Open Book” online examination is to be taken at the conclusion of each module.
  • The China MBA course has been designed especially for business executives and business students who need to have a thorough understanding on how to conduct business in China successfully and who need to unlearn some aspects of Western business practices and appreciate the cardinal axiom “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”.


Examinations and tests

  • The “Open Book” online examination is to be taken at the conclusion of each module.


Target groups

  • CEOs, CFOs, COOs and Business Executives doing or aspiring to do business in or with China.

  • Government and Non-Government officials (NGO’s) who need to learn how to negotiate effectively at all levels in Chinese Society.

  • Foreign Embassy, Legation and Trade Office staff seconded to, or to be engaged, in China.

  • MBA degree holders from world renowned Institutions of Higher Learning who wish to add the valuable SJTU “China MBA” qualification to their, no doubt, already impressive CV.

  • Business owners, Board members and Decision-makers who need to be REALLY effective in China.




Lecturing modules

  • Doing business in China (How to make a fortune; how not to go bust fast)

  • Complex business negotiations and negotiating effectively in China

  • Human Resource management in China

  • Cross cultural communications: Foreigners vs Chinese

  • Small & Medium sized Enterprise management in China

  • Marketing in China. Are 1.3 billion Chinese customers beckoning you?

  • Social Media Marketing in China and the rest of the world

  • Luxury business in China

  • China Managerial Economics

  • Project Management in China

  • Taxation, business incentives & subsidies in China

  • Supply chain management in China

  • Intellectual Property Rights & Patent protection in China

  • Leadership & Corporate responsibility in China

  • Global strategic management from a Chinese perspective

  • China’s role & future in the global financial economy

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovations in large Organizations and Chinese State Owned Enterprises

  • Blockchain business in China

  • Integrating “Made in China” in your supply chain

  • Incubation & Angel financing & Crowd sourcing in China

  • Venture capital and start-ups in China

  • Social media, virtual communications & marketing in China

  • Online & direct Marketing in China

  • Quality management in China

  • Mergers and acquisitions in China

  • Business to emerging markets from China


Topics relating to business in and with China special emphasis

  • How to do business in China

  • How to prevent pitfalls in China

  • How to resolve problems in China

  • How not to go bust fast in China

  • How to make a fortune in China


6.30 new lecturing roster


China MBA Tuition fees & how to settle


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Please click to view Tuition fee settlement procedures


About us, about Shanghai:

Shanghai has duly regained it’s erstwhile, 1930’s, accolade of being “The Paris of the East” on account of its unique mix of Eastern and Western cultures.


  • The famous Roman Catholic St Ignatius Basilica in Xuhui and other Christian churches

  • Buddhist and Taoist Temples

  • Muslim Mosques within easy reach of Xuhui.


chinamba 04


  • Several Luxury shopping Malls on Huaihai Road

  • A plethora of high-class international Hotels

  • Hundreds of Restaurants, serving mouth-watering dishes from all over the world and, yes, even Chinese food is available for the connoisseur, aka as: “Foodie”

  • Hundreds of Bars, Pubs and discos on and around Hengshan road, Jing An Temple and beyond


China: a tourist mecca of the highest order!

China has enjoyed an uninterrupted Dynastic history spanning more than 5,000 of years.
As in Italy, Greece and Egypt, one has only to stick a spade in the ground and the likelihood that some item of antiquity turns up is great. There is so much to see and to experience in China.

If you have travelled from afar, and can afford to stay a few more days, you should treat yourself to some rest and relaxation and see the major historical sights. Click here for more information


Touring & travel in China



Car parking & location map

Off campus car parking only. There are several parking buildings nearby
The most convenient way to reach the campus is by subway lines 10 and 11 (Exit 5) or by taxi
Please tell the driver Jiao Tong University: # 535 Fa Hua Zhen Road
In Chinese: 上海市长宁区法华镇路535号上海交通大学法华校区

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Students are urged to arrange for their own travel/accident and medical insurance as Shanghai Jiao Tong University SCE cannot be held responsible for sickness, accidents, loss or damage to property or for any other reason.



The course syllabi and information as stated in this website were correct at the time of compilation. However, dates, presenters, course modules and content and / or syllabi may be varied or lecture modules deferred or cancelled or substituted by an online version on short notice, depending on availability of professors or lecturers or for any other reason. Students who wish to attend missed, deferred or cancelled lecture modules may do so within one year of course commencement, when and if such modules are re-staged or follow the online recording if available. Refunds can only be made in CNY (Strictly no refunds  or  part refunds after course commencement). Lecture proceedings and activities are usually recorded on photo and video for record keeping, study or for any other purpose. Evaluated exam papers cannot be returned.  The exam evaluation of the SJTU examination Committee is binding and no correspondence will be entered into. The date of the first attendance of the student is counted as the date of course commencement and course completion is counted as 16 lecture days or online days later. Some photographs used in this website have been provided by others and have been reproduced in good faith. In the unlikely event that copyrights have been breached, claimants are requested to provide proof of ownership, following which any such material will be removed forthwith.