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Jiao Tong University (since 1896)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is one of China’s oldest universities, with a history of more than 122 years. It is one of the most influential and respected academic institutions in China. Shanghai Jiao Tong University has featured consistently within the 'Top 4' out of more than 2,200 Universities and colleges in China. SJTU’s Alumni include former Prime Ministers, Nuclear scientists, Ship and container vessel, Interplanetary Space rocket designers and Medical Specialists. Indeed, SJTU have 9 teaching hospitals as well as nearly a dozen sprawling campuses in Shanghai.

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Excellence in Education for over 120 years

Tens of thousands of students from virtually every Nation around the globe have benefited hugely from having followed lectures at Shanghai Jiao Tong University Many of them have earned a valuable Jiao Tong University degree that has helped them in their careers or enriched their personal life. The more than 2,200 Shanghai Jiao Tong University professors and lecturers are professional teachers and/or experts in their particular field of expertise and bring to the program not only a high level of academic knowledge, but also how to optimize the investment of time and money in education thus furthered.


On-Campus studies

Lectures are staged in modern and well equipped lecture rooms at our new and hyper modern Fa Hua campus (Metro lines 10 & 11, Jiao Tong University station, exit #5)  which is situated in the former Shanghai French concession, where quiet tree lined lanes are punctuated with stately and beautifully restored French style villas that were designed and built in the “roaring” 1920’s.

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Online Courses, Distance Learning

Ideal for students who work irregular hours, who live far away from Shanghai or, indeed, for overseas students. Students can set their own time table and follow the lectures during the day, night or at any time that suits. And after passing the requisite exams, on-line students will also be rewarded with their valuable Jiao Tong University Certificate that substantially enhances the CV of the beholder. Especially those who have earned the SJTU China MBA or those who coveted “How to do business in or with China” certificate.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training and, or Specially Designed Courses

Individuals and Corporations may request for special courses to be designed. Jiao Tong University has a large pool of 2,200 Professors, PhD’s and entrepreneurial lecturers in many disciplines at their disposal. Courses can be designed for on-Campus tuition, in-company lectures or, indeed, on-line courses. Favorite topics include: Lean manufacturing, lean six-sigma, Chinese language for foreign employees and English for local Chinese employees.